PLANLend Broker & Customer Case Study

Broker Ben Eick has become well-known during his 14 years in the broking industry, having started out by building a successful LJ Hooker Home Loans franchise and then spending seven years as the reigning LJ Hooker Home Loans World Champion. Six months ago, Ben joined Nectar Mortgages in their NSW North Coast office.

Ben has been using white label loans for his clients for some time, as they assist with one of his key points of difference – finding solutions for clients who have complex lending needs.

“The thing I like most about broking is the problem-solving, and white label products are great for that.”

Professional service

Ben used Advantedge’s white label product for several years during his time at LJ Hooker, so he says it made sense for him to continue using it when he moved to a new business.

“There are many things I like about using PLANLend,” he says.

“Particularly if a client is looking for a home loan with low fees, it can be a very attractive product.”

Time-saving technology

Ben says the DocuSign tool Advantedge recently introduced to streamline the loan process has resulted in even faster and more efficient service.

“As long as you provide the client’s email address, all the loan documents are sent and received the same day. There is no ‘snail mail’, reduced errors, and everyone gets a soft copy of the documents,” he says.

“Getting loan documents back can easily be a two-week process, so having this tool has really added to the level of service we can provide our customers.”

Time-saving technology Customer Interview: Taryn

After living interstate for 18 months taking care of a sick relative, Taryn and her family were keen to return to their hometown of Maitland and had found a new home they wanted to purchase in the area.

The property deal was not smooth sailing, however, as the broker and lender they were dealing with had taken over two months to organise a loan.

“We went to see Ben Eick of Nectar Mortgages because he was recommended to us as someone who could help out,” Taryn says.

“The number one thing we were looking for was speed as we were running the risk of our property deal falling through.”

Efficient process

Ben recommended Advantedge’s PLANLend product to the couple because of the efficient application process, fast turnaround times and competitive rate on offer. He kept them informed throughout the process, and the loan was formally approved within a week.

“Ben did a great job and if he had new information he would let us know, as well as keeping the seller’s real estate agent informed every step of the way,” Taryn says.

Taryn and her family are now happy and settled in their new home and are delighted with the service they received from both Ben and Advantedge.

“It was very positive experience for us,” Taryn says.

“We were on the verge of giving up on the property purchase and renting a house, which with kids and work to worry about as well would not have been a great outcome. I am 100% likely to refer Ben to my friends and family in the future.”