Award winning training & development

Unique opportunities to learn and grow from industry experts, leading global innovators and other brokers.

PLAN Australia - Training and Development

Investing in the future of brokers and the industry

We believe in the progress of the broking industry – and in supporting members to grow professionally in a constantly changing environment. Our training and development program is our investment in the future, offering members and the industry an opportunity to mature and progress.

Experience our digital PD day

"The Digital PD Day was an excellent format. It enabled brokers to continue working from their office but also engage with speakers, without the downtime required when attending a face to face professional development day."

PLAN Australia broker, Digital PD Day

A wide variety of opportunities for professional development

Our training and development program is designed to suit members at different stages of their professional careers. Our program includes a broad spectrum of events and activities – from face to face mentoring through to technology-based learning to more niche learning opportunities.


Featuring industry leaders, world-class speakers and opportunities to network with lenders and other members.

Digital channels

Training and education via LinkedIn, YouTube and live, high definition, online video.

Professional development days

Education on new products, solutions, trends and regulatory developments.

Face-to-face mentoring and training

For more personal interaction.

"Stanford University was a standout. Inspiring speakers and great location."

PLAN Australia broker, High Performance

We're always innovating

We open doors to experiences that you can’t get anywhere else. We’ve taken our members to Stanford University, LinkedIn and Salesforce to learn from some of the world’s most inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs.

Podium Knowledge YouTube Channel

For our Podium broker software platform.

Digital Professional Development Days

So brokers can learn anywhere, anytime.

Unique and inspiring experiences

At Stanford, LinkedIn and Salesforce.